Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspiring Award :)

The Rules:
1) Post this award on your blog.
2) List three things/people that inspire you.
3) Award 5-10 other blogs that you believe are an inspiration for others.
4) Let these bloggers know they won this award.

Thanks for this award Yannet :)

The 3 people that inspire me the most are

#1 First and foremost my wonderful fiance Ish! He is honestly the man of my dreams, he's gentle, sweet, super nice & friendly, always ready to make everyone laugh, he's basically everything I've ever wanted in a man. He's my best friend and I'm proud to say in a few months I'll be his wifey! :) He inspires me to do what I want to do without worrying about what anyone will say or think, I know at the end of the day he'll be there for me no matter what, and for that I thank him and God!
This picture is from our engagement party this past weekend ♥

#2 The second person in my life that I find truly inspiring is my Mom, she is the greatest woman I know, always putting us her children first in her life, and always there for me when I need her. I hope that one day I can be if only half of the woman she is, I love this woman so much, even though I fail to remind her but I know that the day I get married our relationship will become stronger and I'll be able to truly thank her for raising me. Btw my mom is super hot, I need to find a picture of her to post it up, people always think she's my older sister! lol

#3 The third most inspiring person in life believe it or not is my cousin Leilani, yes you are inspiring Rita! She recently got a blog so follow it I find her to be truly inspiring because she's been through a lot and she's accomplished so much without any motivation from anyone, she inspired me last year to continue going to college to get a degree and to have something to be proud of. For that I thank her!, I consider her my sister and I love her even though I tend to only remind her when I'm buzzed haha, but thanks for being there for me and for inspiring me to be a better person ♥
Yannet, Angelica, and Jenny are all wonderful ladies and they are truly nice, I truly wish we could all hang out one day I'm sure we'd have a blast! They inspire me because they're mommy's, wifes, and they have a job, they're holding it down! lol I hope one day I can be as good as a mommy as they are :) Nataly Lemus inspires me because she started her own business all out of passion for taking photographs, her pictures are wonderful, and when I was looking for a wedding photographer she was one of our choices unfortunately she wasn't available but nonetheless I still love to see her blog and her amazing pictures. Sccastaneda is inspiring to me as well because she started doing youtube videos out of boredom and somehow managed to make it into her own little business. Ok ok enough rambling, thanks again to Yannet, and I promise to start blogging more, I'm going to start the project 1 a day to get started :)
Have a wonderful day ladies, peace & love!