Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First haul post

This is my first haul post and I want to start doing these more often, school starts next week so hopefully I'll have spare time to do more posts. Most of these things I purchased online so it's easy for you gals to find them.

I've been wanting some nude pumps for a loooonggg time, & I found these really cute ones at a good price. They're actually comfortable and look super cute! (http://www.cutesygirl.com/)

I love this cardigan because of the color of it (coral) it would look super cute with a plain white tee, and some jeans. (http://www.forever21.com/)

I love skirts even though I hardly wear them :/ But they're one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, this one isn't too short so it's perfect to wear with heels. (http://www.forever21.com/)

Found these shoes and I had to have them, Ish has some similar ones and we like to match our shoes every once in while. cheesy I know! :p (http://www.forever21.com/)

Forever21 has a cute line called "Rocker Babes with a twist" and I had to get these things! I love the whole rockabilly style, so these were must haves for me!

Cute owl necklace that also serves as a locket, and I found this awesome ring that goes on two fingers at once, I'll be doing a post on jewelry soon :) (both from http://www.forever21.com/)

Last but not least I've been needing a wallet and I found this one that matched my juicy couture purse. I absolutely love it! It also serves as a clutch. (Found this one on ebay)

P.S. Hello to all my new followers!! :) If you guys would like for me to post more on something specific let me know :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sexy Pictures for your lover <3

Valentine's day is coming up and some of you ladies may be looking for an idea on what to give your man(or woman I don't judge ;D) as a gift. This past christmas I thought to myself what can I give to Ish as a gift, I wanted to give him something unique and something he would appreciate. What better than some sexy pictures of yourself, if you're in a commited relationship and you trust your partner than this would be a great surprise and something to spice up your love life ;). Grab your girls and make a date out of it! Here's some advice as well as some of the pictures I took for my honey. Hope you learn a little something.


1. Buy some sexy lingerie, grab some of his button up shirts, his jerseys, or wear his favorite team colors.

2. Go all out with your makeup. Wip out that red lipstick you never wear, and put on some fake lashes.

3. Relax!, drink some wine with your girls and let loose ;)

4. Have some good lighting, when taking pictures lighting is everything. Have someone hold a lamp and aim it in your direction.

5. Wear high heels! Heels make your legs look longer and they do wonders for your tush.

6. Play some music. Channel your inner Sasha Fierce while posing for the camera.

7. Last but not least: Have fun!! & take turns taking pictures of each other :)

A really great editing program (which is 100% free) is photoscape, google it and download it to your computer. You can add really cool effects, and sexify yourself even more. Have the pictures developed at your local Target or CVS, Buy a cute album and put all of the pictures in there. & TA-DAH! Super cheap & he'll love it!! :)

Thank me later ladies! lol :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year, New Look!

Hey dolls, yes finally a new blog post I promise to start doing these more often! If you follow me on twitter than you probably already know that I ended 2009 by chopping off most of my hair!! If you personally know me then you know what a huge deal that was for me, I was so proud of my super long hair and after much convincing(from my boyfriend) I decided to go for a new edgier look so off to Brenda I go. She was so excited when I told her to chop it off lol as though I had just told her she won $100 dollars haha! Anywho I'm glad I did it, I loved the outcome, but sometimes I wish it was just a wig lol I get bored soo easily by my hair, but I'll learn to make the best of it :)
Side Note: If you live in So. Cal Brenda is an amazing hair stylist!! So if you ladies or men are looking for a good hair cut/style let me know. Holla :p

So since I got this new haircut I've been emphasizing on my eyes with makeup, & today I was wearing this turquoise/beige top so I decided to do something similar on my eyes. It's super easy to do & if you don't have the exact same products improvise ladies. Hope you gals like it!!
Products used:

Face: Benefit-That Gal Brightening face primer, Benefit-Some Kind-A Gorgeous "fake foundation", Urban Decay-24/7 Concealer pencil in NSA, M.A.C.-Studio fix powder in NC35.

Eyes: Urban Decay-Eyeshadow primer potion, M.A.C.-Penultimate eyeliner in rapidblack, Urban Decay-Liquid Liner in Minx(turquoise), M.A.C.-Eyeshadow in shroom(highlighter), M.A.C.- Technakohl liner in Graphblack(waterline), NYX-Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk(white) for the inner tearduct.

Lashes & Brows: Shue Uemura-eyelash curler(the best!), Benefit-Bad Gal waterproof mascara, M.A.C.- Brow set gel in show-off(brown).

Cheeks: Lorac-TANtalizer bronzer, M.A.C.-Melba powder blush.

Lips: Smashbox-O'gloss lip gloss(goes on clear & turns pink).