Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm engaged! :D

Yes it's true, he finally popped the big question last saturday night, the day after our anniversary. I had suspected he might ask me but I didn't think he would do it that night, so I was clueless at the time it happened. We had dinner at (if you're in so. cal, definitely check this place out it's awesome!!! & the food is delicious), anywho I had invited some friends and family to go and have food and drinks with us, and I was feeling pretty tipsy lol. So we're waiting for our food and I notice everyone start acting strange(pulling out their cameras, moving the table back), so I say "what's going on!?, then I turn to look at Ish and he looks super nervous and he pulls out a box, omg! omg! lol , he gets down on his knee and he says "Mayra we've been together for 6 years already and I wouldn't change them for anything in the world. I love you and I know you're the one for me, I think it's time for us to take the next step, will you marry me?!" at this point I'm already crying my eyes out, so I hug him for what seems like forever telling him over and over I love you, I love you. Then I remember oh yea there's other people here haha, so I say yes of course I'll marry you, he puts on the ring and wow! It's gorgeous! lol I was so happy at that point I didn't even want to eat, I just wanted to stare at my ring all night long (which I did) lol.

I was in disbelief lol

Here's the ring.

I just wanted to share my story with you gals, we're already planning out the wedding one step at a time, we want a dia de los muertos themed wedding sometime next year:) Oh and fyi he told me he had already spoke to my mom and dad like 2 weeks before proposing and they both gave him their blessing and said they would support us 100% aww.

P.S. I entered this wedding contest to have our dream wedding, please vote for us! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Today is my 6 year anniversary with Ish!
What started off as a friendship led to love. We have grown together so much over the years and I know one day I will able to tell our kids about our history together. I love you babe!!

I made a slide show of some of the pictures over the years :)

Tonight we're going to a japanese restaurant for dinner and afterwards to a hot tub woo hoo :)
Tomorrow night we're going out with a bunch of friends to celebrate again!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bangin' out!

This past weekend was my good friend Edlyn's birthday! Sidestory: Edlyn and I have been friends since 6th grade(even though we initially hated each other lol), throughout high school we became best friends and inseperable. Come senior year I end up liking her brother & surprisingly enough she was ok with it, fast forward 6 years(exactly!) and she is still my good friend as well as my future sister in law. We refer to each other now as sisters :) She is hilarious and even though our friendship has had some downs, at the end of the day I love her and she will always be a part of my life :) soo with that said Happy Birthday Ed! I love you sissy in law!

Senior Year of high school, class of 04 baby!
We went to a local hole in the wall bar so I decided to wear a simple black top with a zipper that kept unzipping lower and lower throughout the night lol. (btw I hate my chest I seriously want a reduction!!) My makeup consisted of a smokey eye(gold and black) and nude lips. Here are some pictures of the makeup even though my bangs totally covered my eyeshadow, bummer. I usually wear my bangs to the side but for that night I decided to bang out!! lol

Products used:

Face: M.A.C. Studio fix powder NC35

Cheeks: MAC Peachy keen blush, Benefit's High beam as a highlighter

Eyes: All M.A.C. products, eyelid-woodwinked, crease-mulch and carbon, highlighting color-shroom. Penultimate black eyeliner, graphblack on water line, and Benefit Bad Gal lash Mascara.

Lips: All M..A.C.: Dervish lip liner, Hue lipstick, & pink poodle lip gloss.

TTYL Dolls :) Stay Wicked!