Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tag: My Perfect Imperfections

Haven't blogged in the longest time, but now that this semester is coming to an end I will definitely start doing it more often! Next posts will be about the wedding planning, 2 months away!, and some jewelry posts too :)

I was tagged by beautiful Yannet to do this post about my favorite and least favorite parts of myself so here I go...

1. My legs. I love the fact that I have super long legs and although I hardly work out they're very toned and when I wear heels it shows ;)

2. My eyes. Ish has told me that my eyes made him fall in love with me, aww. My eyes are very big and I have super long eyelashes and I love to play them up with lots of different eye shadows and liners.

3. My hair. I have really thick, voluminous, healthy hair, and recently it's become very shiny. I never curl it or straighten it yet it still looks like I styled it, awesome saves me time!

1. My chest. Ever since I can remember I've had a large chest and I hate it. I've wanted a reduction since forever but I've embraced them, they make me, me! & as long as the bf doesn't complain I'm goood lol

2. My teeth. I've always had pretty crooked teeth and until this year, because I got engaged, did I finally do something about it. I got braces last February and in a few months they've become very straight, can't wait to take them off though!

3. My nails. I always bite them and because of this they've become boyish :/ They're also very small, and I'm a pretty tall person to have that small of hands.