Monday, February 1, 2010

Bangin' out!

This past weekend was my good friend Edlyn's birthday! Sidestory: Edlyn and I have been friends since 6th grade(even though we initially hated each other lol), throughout high school we became best friends and inseperable. Come senior year I end up liking her brother & surprisingly enough she was ok with it, fast forward 6 years(exactly!) and she is still my good friend as well as my future sister in law. We refer to each other now as sisters :) She is hilarious and even though our friendship has had some downs, at the end of the day I love her and she will always be a part of my life :) soo with that said Happy Birthday Ed! I love you sissy in law!

Senior Year of high school, class of 04 baby!
We went to a local hole in the wall bar so I decided to wear a simple black top with a zipper that kept unzipping lower and lower throughout the night lol. (btw I hate my chest I seriously want a reduction!!) My makeup consisted of a smokey eye(gold and black) and nude lips. Here are some pictures of the makeup even though my bangs totally covered my eyeshadow, bummer. I usually wear my bangs to the side but for that night I decided to bang out!! lol

Products used:

Face: M.A.C. Studio fix powder NC35

Cheeks: MAC Peachy keen blush, Benefit's High beam as a highlighter

Eyes: All M.A.C. products, eyelid-woodwinked, crease-mulch and carbon, highlighting color-shroom. Penultimate black eyeliner, graphblack on water line, and Benefit Bad Gal lash Mascara.

Lips: All M..A.C.: Dervish lip liner, Hue lipstick, & pink poodle lip gloss.

TTYL Dolls :) Stay Wicked!


  1. Love your bangs! It's sooo cool your sister in law is one of your good friends! It's hard to find good friends in life that's for sure!

  2. Susie: Thanks :)

    MaryJesse: Yea good friends are like one in a million, I'd rather have a few close true friends , than a bunch of fake ones :)