Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First haul post

This is my first haul post and I want to start doing these more often, school starts next week so hopefully I'll have spare time to do more posts. Most of these things I purchased online so it's easy for you gals to find them.

I've been wanting some nude pumps for a loooonggg time, & I found these really cute ones at a good price. They're actually comfortable and look super cute! (http://www.cutesygirl.com/)

I love this cardigan because of the color of it (coral) it would look super cute with a plain white tee, and some jeans. (http://www.forever21.com/)

I love skirts even though I hardly wear them :/ But they're one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, this one isn't too short so it's perfect to wear with heels. (http://www.forever21.com/)

Found these shoes and I had to have them, Ish has some similar ones and we like to match our shoes every once in while. cheesy I know! :p (http://www.forever21.com/)

Forever21 has a cute line called "Rocker Babes with a twist" and I had to get these things! I love the whole rockabilly style, so these were must haves for me!

Cute owl necklace that also serves as a locket, and I found this awesome ring that goes on two fingers at once, I'll be doing a post on jewelry soon :) (both from http://www.forever21.com/)

Last but not least I've been needing a wallet and I found this one that matched my juicy couture purse. I absolutely love it! It also serves as a clutch. (Found this one on ebay)

P.S. Hello to all my new followers!! :) If you guys would like for me to post more on something specific let me know :)

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  1. I love everything you bought especially the pumps :) Please follow me? xxx