Monday, January 18, 2010

Sexy Pictures for your lover <3

Valentine's day is coming up and some of you ladies may be looking for an idea on what to give your man(or woman I don't judge ;D) as a gift. This past christmas I thought to myself what can I give to Ish as a gift, I wanted to give him something unique and something he would appreciate. What better than some sexy pictures of yourself, if you're in a commited relationship and you trust your partner than this would be a great surprise and something to spice up your love life ;). Grab your girls and make a date out of it! Here's some advice as well as some of the pictures I took for my honey. Hope you learn a little something.


1. Buy some sexy lingerie, grab some of his button up shirts, his jerseys, or wear his favorite team colors.

2. Go all out with your makeup. Wip out that red lipstick you never wear, and put on some fake lashes.

3. Relax!, drink some wine with your girls and let loose ;)

4. Have some good lighting, when taking pictures lighting is everything. Have someone hold a lamp and aim it in your direction.

5. Wear high heels! Heels make your legs look longer and they do wonders for your tush.

6. Play some music. Channel your inner Sasha Fierce while posing for the camera.

7. Last but not least: Have fun!! & take turns taking pictures of each other :)

A really great editing program (which is 100% free) is photoscape, google it and download it to your computer. You can add really cool effects, and sexify yourself even more. Have the pictures developed at your local Target or CVS, Buy a cute album and put all of the pictures in there. & TA-DAH! Super cheap & he'll love it!! :)

Thank me later ladies! lol :)