Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day #1 of "Wedding Bootcamp"

This week I decided to start on my workout regimen and on my eating healthier diet. Back in high school and pretty much throughout my whole life I was super skinny, I would eat McDonalds all the time and pig out whenever I felt like it without having to worry. Fast forward to when I turned 21 and I started noticing my belly was growing :/ With my wedding insight I know it's time to stop being lazy and to start my so called "wedding bootcamp"! My arms and legs are fine, I just need to lose some belly and overall tone my body up. This week I'll post what I ate and what exercises I did and hopefully this will motivate somebody else to start their diet :) I decided that having a picture on what you envision also helps you stay on track, so this is one of the wedding gowns I fell in love with, if I keep my dedication high hopefully I'll be able to purchase it and look fabulous in it, in no time! :)

Isn't it gorgeous?! It's designed by Lazaro.

What I ate: Breakfast-Chai tea w/creamer and sugar(not too healthy but I'm addicted!)

Lunch- From McDonalds-Chipotle Grilled snack wrap & Apple dippers w/caramel.

Dinner-Steamed rice, vegetables, and grilled chicken.

Workout: 30 mins of cardio in my room(go on youtube there are tons of vids about this), and some sit ups. And don't forget to stretch!

This week I also started taking the SlimQuick 7 Day cleanse pills which are supposed to make your body get rid of all the toxins and it also helps speed up your metabolism. I'll weigh myself at the end of the week and let you gals know if I did in fact lose weight or if I feel like my stomach got cleansed.


  1. I just started my rigorous dieting/exercising in preparation for my wedding too! We should keep each other motivated :D I looooove that dress!!!

  2. I love that dress! Beautiful!